Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Roxie Watson Living Room Session~Waltz Across Texas

Sittin' in on fiddle with my sister, Becky Shaw & her band~Roxie Watson out of Atlanta! I really so love the country fiddle tunes. And I love sitting around the living room just pourin' out my fiddle heart!!! Even if there were a few (ahem) notes that were askew, due in part to possibly one Mimosa too many!!! But we whooped it up pardners! What an awesome experience with a great girl-grass band. If you want to hear more alternagrass oldies & originals, get Roxie Watson, True Stories on CD Baby.com.


walkeretls@bellsouth.net said...

I so enjoyed your room full of music today. It brings me lots of fond memories of my own family. We too, get together from time to time and just play. Some may play better than others, but then NO one cares. I would like to ask if you have sheet music to the part that you (fiddler) are playing. I play the fiddle and would like to get a copy. It added so much to the sound. I live in Acworth Georgia but my family all live in Boise, Idaho. So I don't get to play with a group very often. Again, thank you for sharing such a sweet fellowship. Linda Walker

Dawn said...

You're welcome Linda! I'm so glad you enjoyed it...thanks for stopping by and saying hey! I oftentimes just play by ear/feel...which was what I was doing here with my sis & friends. Hope you get the chance to play again soon...music is life!